Recycled Stock for Sale

Nateis has the following available for sale. Contact the office for more info or to arrange a purchase:

  • Recycled Pine Fence Posts which can be reused safely in gardens as the Department of Health has deemed them safe (just not for reuse in children’s playgrounds as they are treated with CCA to stop them rotting or being eaten by termites);
  • Fridge Panels from cold storage units we stripped out in Malaga $50 per panel;
  • Second-hand bricks;
  • Firewood by the trailer load “it’s going like wildfire” (excuse the pun). New and old clients alike are lining up to get hold of some of the best firewood around.  These recycled roofing timbers, mostly jarrah, have been drying out for years in roof spaces and burn like a dream. Clients are already planning on coming back in summer to build up a good supply for next winter – $30 a trailer load (yourself). You can’t go wrong, cheap heating and a bit of exercise!
  • Recycled roof tiles have been walking out the door this winter and with a good stock of many profiles (as recommended by Rockingham Roofing) – all tiles retail for $2 each.


  • Roof tiles are now 3$ each.


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