Demolition Contractors Perth

Quality and Experience

Nateis is fully insured and uses highly experienced and professional demolition crews, who are fully trained in all aspects of demolition & salvage and who have all taken part in safety awareness courses pertaining to Construction and Demolition Sites. We provide prompt, obligation free quotes to all our prospective clients.

  • Specialising in Demolition, Strip-Outs, Concrete Cutting, Swimming Pool and asbestos removal
  • Specialising in Demolition of Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Developers properties
  • Strip-Out of Commercial and Industrial properties
  • Fully insured
  • Clear blocks
  • In-fill blocks
  • Compact Blocks
  • Compaction Tests Arranged
  • Experienced in hill blocks
  • Supply sand
  • Excavator, Bobcat, QuikCut & Tipper Trucks for hire

Effective and Efficient Techniques

General Earthworks are simplified with the use of standard buckets. Trenching, cap rock and concrete pools are a breeze. Rake buckets filter site down to a depth of 600mm reducing loads and keeping transport costs down. Grabber Buckets for handling bulk material like roofing timbers, steel and trees minimise manual labour, speed up the process and most importantly aid in recycling both timber and steel. Dam Clearing and Salinity Solutions are made easier with our quick release bucket systems.

Total Quality Management

Our aim is keep customers happy.  It is our customers who want good quality and we must meet their expectations by having Total Quality Control Systems in place.  It is being consistent with these qualities that we hope to see customers return and recommend Nateis again and again. As such we aim to:

  • Maintain an Integrated Management System which meets the requirements of Australian Standards.
  • Constantly endeavouring to find ways to better improve.
  • Remember our anthology of ‘Get it Right First Time’, or learn from our mistakes.
  • Set targets and objectives to improve and measure performances.
  • Survey our customers asking them to critique our systems, enabling us to act and improve.

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