How to Keep Away from Dodgy Dealer in Asbestos Removal Industry

Perth residents are in a health risk after an unlicensed asbestos removal individual is going round conning people, posing as a licensed exposed. The report which was made by consumer protection comes after a number of complainants lodged complaints about the said conman, issuing a warning. However with the number of people who took services from the dodgy dealer not confirmed, it seems that many homes owners still cannot tell real asbestos removal experts from conmen. So what should one look for;

Asbestos Removal Licensed

Before having any asbestos removal done in a building for demolition or salvaging purposes, businesses, companies and home owners should check on the licensing of the company in question. In this regard if the Worksafe website shows that the company and person is question has the appropriate license to work, then contracting their services is safe. In case they are not reporting them to the consumer protection for flagging should be done.

Staff training records

This is of importance as if one is seeking demolition or salvage services, all staff members from the supervisor should be licensed. In this regard names and all training records of staff, who will be working should be made available when asked for. This when unnecessary exposure from asbestos removal will be eliminated, as all hands-on persons are professionals.

Waste Consignment Notes

professional asbestos removal company always produce a waste consignment note. This will contain all asbestos removal waste disposal history and one will be able to tell if it’s done correctly. In this history checking on the dates for regular workings aid in showing just how experienced and trusted the company is.

House license

In reality if the asbestos is on an area of 10square meters and is still bonded, removal on one’s own can be done by use of protective gear. This also means that conmen can use this advantage and pose as specialists with the gear. However to be sure they are experts ask to see their house license. In addition even after producing the license checking if they actually place improvements notices and prohibition notices on the house, stating demolition services in progress. This way guaranteeing they are professionals as they care about safety.

Actual references

Professional asbestos removal companies will always provide real client references for all clients in need. One should use this opportunity and call the necessary clients to ask on experience for the services they contracted the company for, be it salvage services or demolition removal services. This way not only one knows what to expect but also level of professionalism.

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