Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Asbestos Removal Company

Wed, 12 Apr 2017

asbestos removal and disposalThere are many companies that claim to offer asbestos removal services. If you suspect that your home or workplace has asbestos present, or if an inspector has already confirmed it for you, you’ll want to get the help of professional asbestos removalists instead of hiring just anybody. Choosing asbestos experts is important because they:

Have extensive training and experience

Reliable asbestos removalists are required to undergo numerous training sessions to get a license before they can operate legally. This give them the necessary skills and knowledge to properly remove and dispose of asbestos and prevent it from being scattered carelessly throughout the site.

Use the right methods and equipment

Professional asbestos removal companies invest in high-quality equipment and keep up to date with the latest innovations in the industry. This allows them to do the job in a fast and efficient way.

Have the appropriate insurance

Licensed asbestos removalists need to have public liability insurance in order to operate. This means that they can provide you with financial compensation in case something goes wrong.

Take care of removal and disposal

Western Australia has strict rules as to how asbestos should be disposed. If you hire professional asbestos removalists, you won’t have to worry about it since they’ll remove, transport, and dispose of asbestos materials according to local council requirements.

Provide you with final cleanup advice

After removing asbestos from your home or workplace, our asbestos experts will do a final inspection and inform you about any necessary cleanup procedures you must do. This ensures that your space will be completely free of any asbestos particles that can harm you, your family, or your employees.
These are just some of the reasons to hire a professional asbestos company. If you’re in Western Australia and need asbestos experts, get in touch with Nateis Contracting and take advantage of our professional asbestos solutions.


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